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awning motor STANDARD 40

awning motor standard 40 Item-no. 20273 20276
awning motor STANDARD 40

Shade at the touch of a button: with a maximum toque of 40 Nm the awning motor STANDARD operates awnings with an area of up to 193 square feet with simple button. The tedious cranking by hand is over and the awning is opened or closed in approximately one minute. The maintenance-free STANDARD 40 awning motor is built directly into the awning shaft. Thereby no difference in the awning is externally noticeable.



  • Strong and maintenance-free awning motor with a robust metal housing and a maximum torque of 40 Nm
  • Motorization without any visible external changes in the awning
  • Overload and overheating protection (in case of a blocking of the awning, the motor switches off automatically)
  • Data retention in case of power failure
  • Awning motors with simple mechanical end limits
  • Delivered with engine mount and adapter set
  • Optional: retrofitted with a wireless control possible
EAN Number 4003971202738
Item Number INT 20276
length (mm) 545 mm
Diameter (mm) 78 mm
Tensile Force (Nm) 40 Nm
Color yellow
max. tensile force (N) 40 kg
motor guarantee 3
Display Screen -
End position setting mechanical

Product in use


Motorization of awnings without any visible external changes:

  • Awning type: open arm awning
  • Awning area of maximum 193 feet squared or maximum 19 ft x 10 ft
  • Awning shafts with a diameter of 78 mm and a length of minimum 54.5 cm

Helpful Hints for Installation


  • A connection to your power grid should be within reach of your awning. 
  • Roll up the awning and remove the handle.
  • Then you should demount the awning on the two trestles, and loosen the awning stock.
  • Then please secure the square end of the awning shaft with a cotter pin.  
  • The awning motor may then be pushed into the shaft and the motor bearings are remounted.
  • Then reattach the awning and let the connection to the power grid be carried out by an authorized electrician.
  • Finally, adjust the end positions.
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