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The CLEAR material from Schellenberg has further useful advantages compared to the normal fiberglass. The fabric has a 40% higher light transmission and has better air permeability of 30%. The stability and durability of the material is the same as compared to normal fiberglass. It is tear resistant, shock proof, UV resistant and can be easily cleaned by being wiped with a damp cloth. The significantly finer material makes it virtually invisible and the anthracite allows for perfect transparency.  The fiberglass material CLEAR can have its length and height adjusted with a utility knife. With the tightly wove mesh the material won’t fray when cut. It is easily installed in the aluminum frames from Schellenberg and can be easily mounted with fastening tape (It. No. 50028 not included in delivery).




  • Almost invisible fiberglass material
  • Mounted in windows or doors, barely noticeable
  • Up to 40% higher light transmission
  • Up to 30% higher air permeability
  • Reliable protection against insects, mosquitos, flies and other unwanted pests
  • Tear resistant, shock proof and UV resistant
  • Suitable for individual sizing
  • No fraying while cutting due to tightly woven mesh
  • In anthracite for optimal viewing
  • Very weather resistant
EAN Number 4003971575085
Width (cm) 140 cm
Height (cm) 250 cm
Color Anthracite

Product in use



  • By insect frame systems from Schellenberg
  • Fastening tape is suitable for attachment on the window or door frame (fastening tape, It. No. 50028 not included in delivery)

Helpful Hints for Installation

  • Cut the material
  • Clean the area where the material is to be attached
  • Attach the fastening tape and wait a minimum of 2 hours
  • Securely attach the material
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