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The Schellenberg Insect Protection Doors/Fly Screen Doors offer effective and reliable protection against mosquitos, flies, insects and other pests that multiple during the warm summer months. Open doors with this insect protection are no longer a problem, even during the summer, as the bothersome insects must stay outside. Control the comfort of your house! The insect protection doors from Schellenberg can be easily opened and closed like regular doors. That way balcony or terrace door, whichever the Schellenberg insect protection screen is installed on, can be used as normal. The Schellenberg Insect Protection Door PLUS and PREMIUM operates with an automatic door lock. This makes sure that the door does not accidently stay open and let the insects, flies, mosquitos and other pests into the house.

Complete Set including extra wide frames (aluminum), middle rung and hinges (aluminum die-casting)


The Schellenberg Insect Protection for Doors PREMIUM is a complete set for protection against insects, flies, mosquitos and other pests. The fiberglass material of the screen door is built for extra wide, stable aluminum frames with a middle rung. This allows the fly screen from Schellenberg to be very stable.



  • Stable insect protection for doors/fly screen or doors as a complete set against insects, flies, mosquitos, and other pests.
  • Extra wide aluminum frame included (25 mm x 11 mm)
  • Middle rung for even more stability of the screen door included
  • 3 aluminum die-casting hinges, optional to screw or glue (ideal for tenants) included
  • The brush seal in the frame prevents the entrance of any crawling bugs
  • The size of the insect protection for doors PREMIUM can be individually adjusted
  • Corner connectors (strengthen with metal core) to cover unsightly cut edges
  • Automatic door lock included
  • Flat handle, that fits behind most roller shutters
  • Simple installation through plug-in system
  • Insect protection material: high quality fiberglass, UV-resistant, washable, durable and tear-resistant
  • In white
EAN Number 4003971507901
Width (cm) 100 cm
Height (cm) 210 cm
Color white
Installation Instructions-50790 0.44 MB / Adobe Acrobat File Download

Product in use


  • Insect protection for doors / fly screen for doors and mosquito protection for doors in various sizes with various frame colors
  • Reliable PREMIUM-protection against mosquitos, flies, insects and other pets
  • Self-assembly
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