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Mosquito nets from the Schellenberg company offers protection against mosquitos, flies and other pests during your sleep. They allow you to sleep peacefully even with the windows open during the summer.

Schellenberg offers two different nets for insect protection:

  • Mosquito Net STANDARD for double beds, dimensions 8.5x2.0 m (50310)
  • Mosquito Net PLUS for single and double beds, dimensions 12.0x2.5 m (50311)

Both mosquito nets from the Schellenberg Company are easily and quickly installed over the bed and provide reliable protection against mosquitos, flies and other pests. The mosquito net covers your entire single or double bed completely. This is taken care of by the metal ring that is the top part of the mosquito net.

When installing, the mosquito net is simply attached to the ceiling with the help of screw-in hooks. The mosquito net PLUS can optionally be attached to the ceiling with fattening tape, so no hole must be drilled into the ceiling. This is especially ideal for tenants or people on vacation! Schellenberg recommends this mounting method for older buildings that might have soft or crumbling ceilings.

Both mosquito nets are UV resistant and washable up to 85 degrees.



  • Protection while sleeping from mosquitos, flies and other pests
  • Keeps your bed free of mosquitos, flies, insects and other pests for a restful sleep
  • Complete set for a quick and easy installation
  • Fastening tape without drilling or with the PLUS variation is possible 
  • UV resistant polyester material
  • Washable up to 85 degrees
EAN Number 4003971503118
Width (m) 12.0 meter
Height (m) 2.5 meter
Color white

Product in use



  • Mosquito protection, insect protection, and fly protection for your bedroom
  • Provides a restful sleep
  • Variant PLUS for single and double beds
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