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The roller shutter belt drive RolloDrive 105 STANDARD from Schellenberg opens and closes your shutters automatically at a programmed time or whenever you want with the touch of a button. It runs smoothly and quietly and works for shutters with an area of up to 107 ft². The roller shutter belt drive 105 STANDARD is built into the wall box with flush mounting. It can be set up in a new building or easily replace an old inlet winder. Opening the shutter box is not necessary. The power supply is taken care of with a power cord included in delivery, so that no electrical work is necessary by the installation. The RolloDrive 105 STANDARD from Schellenberg is easy to install and uninstall and is therefore ideal for tenants: the electric belt winder can move with you to your new apartment! The obstacle detection feature provides safety as it automatically stops the shutters when it encounters an obstacle. Additionally, all shutter belt controls from Schellenberg are TÜV approved. The programming of the timer is easily done with the five big buttons and clear function signals through the three LED lights. The end points are also easily set with the buttons. All settings are saved even during a power outage. The roller shutter belt drive Rollodrive 105 STANDARD can open and close plastic roller shutters with an area of 107 ft² and aluminum shutters with an area of 64 ft². This can vary depending on the material, design and weight of the roller shutters.

SCHELLENBERG TIP: Enhance your Belt Winder Rollodrive 105 with the compatible sun sensor from Schellenberg (It. No. 22720). It controls the electric belt winder with the strength of the sunlight and provides a comfortable room temperature. Additionally, it protects your plants, furniture and carpets from heat and UV-rays. The sun sensor is simply attached to the window with a suction cup and with a cable connected to the shutter control.



  • Shutters don’t need to be strenuously opened by hand
  • Can be individually set with the buttons or the automatic timer
  • Easily replaces inlet winders
  • Increases security: obstacle detection
  • Simple end positions set with buttons
  • Power supply via outlet
  • TÜV approved
EAN Number 4003971227106
Item Number INT 22729
Width (mm) 59 mm
Height (mm) 270 mm
Depth (mm) 223 mm
Tensile Force (kg) 60 kg
max. tensile force (kg) 60 kg
Preformance Unterputz
Hole Spacing 215 oder 245 mm mm
max. roller shutter area KST m² 10.0
Roller shutter system MAXI
possible roller shutter belt width 23 mm
Display Screen -
max. roller shutter area ALU m² 6.0
Color white

Product in use



  • For simple automatic shutter control
  • Replaces inlet winders
  • Compatible with the Schellenberg Shutter System MAXI
  • For 23 mm belt widths
  • For big and heavy shutters. Maximum area of shutters: 107 ft² for plastic shutters and 64 ft² for aluminum shutters
  • For belts with a maximum lengths of 32 ft 
  • Set up in a dry room
  • For flush mounting. Works with all wall boxes with 215 mm and 245 mm distance between holes.

Helpful Hints for Installation


  • Completely close the shutters
  • Remove the previous inlet winder from the wall box and carefully unwind the belt. SAFETY HINT: The spring drum of the winder has electricity, so there is a risk of injury. Please wear safety gloves when opening the belt winder!
  • Fold the belt as the instructions say into the electrical belt winder
  • Attach the power cord in the belt winder
  • Insert the belt winder into the wall box and screw it in
  • Plug in the power cord to the outlet
  • Insert the end points from the control panel
  • Program the automatic mode
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