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The electric belt winder opens and closes your rolling shutters easily and effortlessly. The Rollodrive 35 from Schellenberg is easily installed and does not require the shutter box to be opened. Control of the shutters is done with a button on the belt winder or with a timer. That way your shutters can be set to open and close daily at the time you wish. During the time that the Schellenberg Belt Winder Rollodrive 35 is not programmed to be opened, it can be used by hand. The belt winder operates smoothly and quietly. With its compact design and ability to rotate 180˚, the automatic belt winder fits into every home.

A manual winder can be easily replaced with the Rollodrive 35 from Schellenberg (surface-mounting). The programming is also user friendly and intuitive. The automatic obstacle detection provides an immediate stop in case the shutters encounter an obstacle.

This automatic belt winder is made for shutters with an area of up to 43 ft² and the highest pulling force being 35 lbs. The Rollodrive 35 winds a belt with a width of 14 mm and a length of 14 ft (with a belt strength of 1.3 mm). The space between holes to attach the belt winder on the wall is 180 mm.

Because the installation of the electric belt winder Rollodrive 35 from Schellenberg does not involve opening the shutter box, it is easy to take when moving into a new home. Also ideal for tenants!

SCHELLENBERG TIPP: The Rollodrive 35 is compatible with a sun sensor from Schellenberg! This feature makes sure that during strong sunlight (when it reaches a certain light value) the shutters are automatically closed. As soon as the sunlight strength for a specific time lowers, the Rollodrive 35 opens the shutters once more. The electric belt winder therefore protects your upholstered furniture, carpets and plants from heat damage, strong UV-light and provides a comfortable room temperature.



  • Opening and closing of the shutters effortlessly
  • Electrical belt winder can easily replace a manual winder
  • Ideal for tenants: simple to install and uninstall without opening the shutter box
  • Is plugged into an outlet (power supply with 6 ft long cable included)
  • End point of the shutters is quickly set with the touch of a button
  • User friendly through simple operation with 3 buttons
  • Function signals via LED light
  • Opening and closing times for all days of the week can be set with the timer
  • Obstacle detection
  • Saves space, 180 degrees rotatable
  • Less than 0.7 watts needed for power supply in stand-by mode
  • TÜV tested
  • Compatible with a sun sensor from Schellenberg
EAN Number 4003971227359
Item Number INT 22637
Width (mm) 38.5 mm
Height (mm) 199 mm
Depth (mm) 135.5 mm
motor guarantee 2
Preformance Aufputz
Hole Spacing 180 mm
max. roller shutter area KST m² 4.0
Roller shutter system MINI
possible roller shutter belt width 14 mm
Display Screen -
End position setting mechanical
Color white

Product in use


  • Easy to replace previous manual belt winder
  • To be used in a dry room
  • Surface montage on the wall, door, window frame or window reveal
  • Distance of holes for attachment: 180 mm
  • Electrical belt winder for the Schellenberg Shutter-System MINI with a belt width of 14 mm and belt strength of 1.3 mm. The winding capacity has a maximum belt length of 13 feet (with a belt strength of 1.3 mm)
  • Area of plastic shutters: max 43 ft²
  • Area of aluminum shutters: max 21 ft²
  • Maximum beginning pulling force: 35 lbs, maximum end pulling force: 15 lbs

*The maximum area of the shutters may be different depending on the material, design and weight. The standard pulling force of the electrical belt winder should not be exceeded.

The performance of the belt winder can be influenced by various factors, such as specific structural conditions.

From the above, no claims can be derived, as they may differ in individual cases.

Helpful Hints for Installation


  • Completely close the shutters
  • Uninstall the old belt winder
  • Carefully remove the belt from the belt winder. Helpful hint: The winder has electricity, so there is a risk of injury. Please wear safety gloves when opening the belt winder!
  • Fold the belt into the new belt winder
  • Attach the power supply
  • Attach the belt winder on the wall
  • Plug it into the outlet
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