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Enhance your timer PLUS from Schellenberg with the Schellenberg Sun Sensor PLUS for maximum comfort and increased safety for your home.


This sun function protects your floor, plants and furniture from strong sunlight and provides a pleasant room temperature. The twilight function of the sensor closes the roller shutters at night. The Schellenberg sun sensor PLUS provides optimal protection from the sun as well increase safety by making your home appear lived in even in your absence.

The sun sensor measures the light value of the sun rays. If the set brightness is exceeded for about 10 minutes, the sensor transmits a signal to close the shutters. The shutters are automatically closed according to the light value. In the evening, the roller shutter closes only when the time you set is reached and the twilight light value has been exceeded.

The sensor is simply attached to the inside of the window with a suction cup. The connection to the timer is achieved with a cable (16 ft long). You do not need to remove the timer and no work tools or a different power connector for the mounting of the sun sensor from Schellenberg is necessary. If necessary, the sun sensor can be quickly dismantled and reconnected; therefore is ideal for rental houses.



  • Optimal additional for the timer PLUS from Schellenberg
  • Sun protection function prevents the bleaching of furniture, carpets and textiles through UV light
  • Roller shutters close automatically with the twilight function
  • More comfort and safety
  • Simple installation
EAN Number 4003971255598
Depth (mm) 23 mm
length (mm) 3000 mm
length (m) 3.00 meter
Diameter (mm) 38 mm
Color white
Installation Instructions-25559 4.15 MB / Adobe Acrobat File Download

Product in use



  • Accessory for Schellenberg Timer PLUS (It. No. 25556)
  • Automatic control of roller shutters with the light value of the sun rays
  • Automatic control of roller shutters at twilight

Helpful Hints for Installation


  • Attach the sensor with the suction cup on the inside of the window
  • For optimal sun protection, lower the sun sensor as much as necessary on the window. A minimum of 15 cm should be between the window frame and the sensor.
  • Connect the sensor with the cable of the Timer PLUS

How to remove the sun sensor from the window: Pull on the flap of the suction cup. Please don’t pull on the cable!

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