Schellenberg Half Inlet Winder Mini white-distance between holes: 13.5 cm


This half inlet winder from Schellenberg is ideal you need a belt winder, which is inserted halfway into the brickwork or in the frame of the window or door. The white cover of the inlet winder is designed to be unobtrusive. With its robust and high quality work the belt winder provides easy opening and closing of your roller shutters. A white belt (16 feet long and 14 mm long) is pre-assembled. This way the Schellenberg inlet winder is quickly and easily mounted. The distance between holes for installation with the cover is 13.5 cm. The belt winder is compatible with roller shutters up to 8 feet in height and octagonal shafts with a diameter of 40 mm.



  • Unobtrusive half inlet winder for your roller shutters
  • High quality and robust work
  • Belt winder with smooth running mechanics
  • Inlet winder easily mounted on the wall, door or window frame
  • Pre-assembled roller shutter belt in gray (16 feet long)
EAN Number 4003971505051
Item Number INT 50500
Width (mm) 28 mm
Height (mm) 152 mm
Depth (mm) 63 mm
Hole Spacing 135 mm
Preformance Auf-/Unterputz
Roller shutter system MINI
Color white
Installation Instructions-50505 5.02 MB / Adobe Acrobat File Download

Product in use



  • Half inlet winders for roller shutters on the doors and windows with a max. height of 7.5 feet
  • Belt winder with dimensions of 28 x 152 x 63 mm, distance between holes: 13.5 cm
  • For roller shutters from the Schellenberg MINI System
  • Roller shutter accessories from Schellenberg either fall into the MINI or MAXI system. Please make sure before you attach your belt winder, that your roller shutters follow the dimensions that are used in the MINI System! The octagonal shaft should have a diameter of 40 mm, the roller shutter belt a width of 14 mm and the slat height should be 37 mm.

Helpful Hints for Installation


  • Close the roller shutters.
  • Remove the old inlet winder.
  • Remove the old shutter belt.
  • Attach the new belt onto the belt pulley.
  • By turning the octagonal shaft, wind the shutter belt on the belt pulley. The lose end of the belt should lie about 20 cm under the belt winder
  • Insert the new inlet winder in the frame or wall box and screw it in.
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