A broken or defective belt winder is very easily replaced with a new inlet winder from Schellenberg. This inlet winder is ideal for roller shutters from the Schellenberg System MAXI with a roller shutter belt width of 18 to 23 mm. The distance between holes for mounting on the wall is 105 mm. A benefit of this belt winder is that it has been pre-tensioned. This makes the winding of the belt during installation much easier. Please take note that this belt winder does not include a shutter belt.  A fitting belt as well as an elegant cover plate for your roller shutters can be found in the Schellenberg Assortments.



  • Pre-tensioned Schellenberg Inlet Winder for an effortless winding of the belt during installation
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to use
EAN Number 4003971501008
Item Number INT 50101
Width (mm) 50 mm
Height (mm) 129 mm
Depth (mm) 108 mm
Hole Spacing 105 mm
Preformance Unterputz
Roller shutter system MAXI
Color silver
Installation Instructions-50100 5.58 MB / Adobe Acrobat File Download

Product in use



  • To replace a defect belt winder
  • For roller shutters that are compatible with the Schellenberg Maxi-System
  • Distance between holes: 105 mm

Helpful Hints for Installation


  • To replace the inlet winder, close the roller shutter completely
  • Remove the old inlet winder and carefully unwind your shutter belt. Warning! The spring drum in the old belt winder is tensioned and which may cause risk of injury. Please use protective gloves while replacing the belt winder!
  • The Schellenberg inlet winder is pre-tensioned. Thread the shutter belt below the belt brake and shorten the belt about 20 cm below the inlet winder
  • Attach the belt to the drum. Be careful when unlocking! Hold the drum tight and let it slowly roll up.
  • Sit the inlet winder in the wall box and screw it tightly on with a cover plate
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