The center bearing MAXI from Schellenberg connects two separate octagonal shafts together so that two roller shutters can be operated into one roller shutter box. After the center bearing is installed, either the octagonal shafts or roller shutter shafts set into motion at the same time. The Schellenberg center bearing is suitable for your octagonal shafts, if they have the same direction of rotation and a diameter of 70 mm. The center bearing of Schellenberg is equipped with high-quality ball bearings. It is extremely durable and supports the smooth running of the shutters.  The mounting of the center bearing from Schellenberg is quick and easy as it is simple pushed into the octagonal shaft. Please note that a support bearing is required for the use of the center bearing! The support bearing prevents any slacking of the connection between your two octagonal shafts. The Schellenberg Support Bearing MAXI provides optimal hold and stability (It. No. 84700).

SCHELLENBERG TIP: The timely replacement of wearing parts guarantees smooth shutter operation in your everyday life! 



  • Enables the simultaneous operation of two roller shutters in one roller shutter box
  • Reliable connection of two octagonal shafts
  • High stability
  • Includes high-quality and durable ball bearings
EAN Number 4003971148005
length (mm) 290 mm
Diameter (mm) 70 mm
Roller shutter system MAXI

Product in use


  • To connect two octagonal shafts turning in the same direction
  • For octagonal shafts with a diameter of 70 mm (Roller Shutter System MAXI)
  • For use with a support bearing

Helpful Hints for Installation


  • Push the center bearing into the octagonal shaft
  • Mount the support bearing
  • Lay the center bearing on the support bearing
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