This octagonal shaft from Schellenberg in galvanized steel is ideal for replacing old wooden and circular shafts up to 8 feet in length. If necessary, you can shorten the octagonal shaft to your specific dimensions. The Schellenberg octagonal shaft ensures the exact winding of the roller shutters from the MAXI Roller Shutter System.



  • Octagonal shaft made of high quality galvanized steel
  • Can be individually shortened
  • Perfectly winds up roller shutters
EAN Number 4003971860259
Width (m) 2.5 meter
length (mm) 2500 mm
Diameter (mm) 60 mm
Roller shutter system MAXI
Color silver

Product in use


  • To replace old and defective round and wooden shafts
  • To replace with an octagonal shaft
  • For use in front-mounted and built-in roller shutter boxes
  • For roller shutters that correspond with the Schellenberg MAXI System
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