The pinch roller for roller shutters from Schellenberg optimizes the running of the shutters into the guiding rail. Blocked or hooked roller shutter run clean and straight again into the guide rail with the pinch roller and is therefore smoother to use. It is made of high-quality plastic; so that the material of the roller shutters does not become damaged. A firm hold is provided by the sturdy steel bracket that runs in the pinch roller.

SCHELLENBERG TIPP: The timely exchange guarantees smooth shutter operation in your everyday life!



  • Improves the running of the roller shutters into the guiding rail
  • Hold with sturdy steel
  • High-quality elements with long service lives
EAN Number 4003971542001
Width (mm) 89 mm
Height (mm) 30 mm
Depth (mm) 46 mm
Color white

Product in use


  • Roller shutter accessories for MINI and MAXI roller shutters
  • Improves the running of the roller shutters in the guiding rail
  • To install on the inlet funnel

Helpful Hints for Installation

  • Please install your pinch roller for your roller shutters on the inlet funnel.
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