With this round belt guide from Schellenberg you not only reduce the wear on your roller shutter belt, but also reduce drafts that entered through your old belt guide. Leaking belt guides are problematic in terms of insulation, as with drafts cold air enters living areas and warm air leaves. With the Schellenberg belt guide drafts are stopped and heat loss is reduced, as the brush sealing of the belt guide does not allow the entrance of air from outside. The roller shutter belt is easy to use through the belt guide and with the draft sealing provides for improved living quality. The belt guide is quick and easy to install without removing the roller shutter belt from the roller shutter box. The roller shutter belt is simply inserted into the belt guide. Behind the elegant cover, the screw holes and the brush sealing vanishes. With little effort, save more energy through the Schellenberg belt guide!


  • reduce the wear of your shutter belt
  • drafts are noticeably stopped
  • easy assembly without removing the roller shutter belt
  • with elegant cover
EAN Number 4003971151036
Item Number INT 15102
Diameter (mm) 42 mm
Roller shutter system MINI/MAXI
Color white

Product in use

Helpful Hints for Installation

Please refer to thecorresponding installation instructions before attaching thebelt guide from Schellenberg.

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