This belt guide of Schellenberg has a guide pulley and effective sealing against drafts. Even heavy roller shutters can be easily operated with the smooth running belt guide and the wear of the roller shutter belt is significantly reduced. At the same time, the brush seal is an effective contributor to energy saving as belt guides without brush seals create thermal bridges. The brush sealing at the end of the belt guide prevents any heated room air from escaping outside. The roller shutter belt is easily used with the smooth running belt guide, and with brush sealing improves your home comfort. The installation is clean, quick and easy and the roller shutter belt does not need to be demounted. The belt is easily pushed into the belt guide. With the Schellenberg Belt Guide save a lot of energy with little effort!


  • Roller shutter belt slides smoothly through the guide pulley
  • Less wear of the shutter belt
  • Reduces drafts and cold air from entering (minimized heat loss)
  • Simple installation without demounting the roller shutter belt
  • With an elegant cover
EAN Number 4003971156505
Item Number INT 15651
Width (mm) 34 mm
Height (mm) 61 mm
Depth (mm) 15 mm
Roller shutter system MAXI
Color white

Product in use


  • For installation in the wall
  • Compatible with the Roller Shutter System MAXI from Schellenberg with a roller shutter belt width of 18 mm to 23 mm
  • Ideal complement for insulated roller shutter boxes
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