Old belt guides on roller shutter boxes form thermal bridges, letting cold air enter the living room and the warm air escape. The sealing of the Renovated Belt Guide DUO MAXI from Schellenberg effectively prevents any drafts from entering and does not require the roller shutter belt to be demounted. Since this renovated belt guide includes integrated sealing, it is a successful energy saver. The belt drive is suitable for belts with a width of 23 mm. It is simply installation on the wall. The installation of the belt guide is quickly and easily mounted on the wall. Demounting the roller shutter belt or opening the roller shutter box is not necessary! The Schellenberg Renovated Belt Guide DUO MAXI consists of several components, which are supplied individually. The components are then assembled one by one during installation so that the belt passes easily through the belt opening of the belt guide. To provide a perfect optical installation, the elegant cover plate is included in the delivery, to be placed at belt guide entrance. It covers, for example, the attachment screws provide for a stronger hold on the wall. This belt guide from Schellenberg covers drafty belt openings with an elegant and effective cover as well as reduces energy loss with little effort.


  • Effectively seals drafty belt openings
  • Guides roller shutter belts easily through through the wall
  • Integrated brush sealing reduces energy loss
  • Quick and easy installation on the wall without any demounting


EAN Number 4003971512073
Width (mm) 60 mm
Height (mm) 85 mm
Depth (mm) 20 mm
Roller shutter system MAXI
Color white
Installation Instructions-51207 0.76 MB / Adobe Acrobat File Download

Product in use


  • For belts with a width of 23 mm  (Roller Shutter System MAXI)
  • To replace old and non-sealing belt guides
  • To retrofit missing belt guides
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