All high quality roller shutter belts from Schellenberg are especially durable and are made of abrasion-resistant fabric with reinforced selvages. Therefore the belts from Schellenberg are very stable and long lasting. From Schellenberg you can chose belts with various widths, lengths and colors. We offer belts with widths of 14 mm, 18 mm and 23 mm, as well as lengths of 14 ft, 20 ft and 40 ft. Additionally we offer belts in the color white, beige, gray, brown, red, black, light blue, royal blue and yellow. The beige belt from Schellenberg has a width of 18 mm, a length of 40 ft, and a thickness of 1.3 mm. It is suitable for roller shutters on doors and windows. SCHELLENBERG TIP: Choose the perfect belt for your roller shutters! When choosing the right belt it is important to see if your blinds correspond to the Schellenberg Roller System MAXI or MINI.

The MINI System works with a frame height of individual shutter slates of 37 mm, octagonal shaft diameters of 40 mm and a belt width of 14 mm. The MAXI System works with a height of individual shutter slates of 52 mm, an octagonal shaft diameter of 60 mm and a belt width of 18-23 mm.  Please choose your belt with the correct width! To assist you in selecting the right product, all Schellenberg packages are marked with our color coding system: green markings indicate MINI systems, blue markings indicate MAXI systems.

How long should the roller shutter belt be? This is how the correct length of the belt is calculated: just multiply the height of the window or door by 2.5.



  • Belt made of durable, abrasion-resistant fabric
  • Specially reinforces selvages protect the roller shutter belt from fraying
EAN Number 4003971845010
Width (mm) 18 mm
Height (m) 4.5 meter
Depth (mm) 1.3 mm
Roller shutter system MAXI
Color Beige

Product in use


  • The Schellenberg Roller Shutter Belt with a width of 18 mm is optimal for the Roller Shutter System MAXI from Schellenberg
  • With the Schellenberg belt you can operate roller shutters on doors or windows by hand
  • The roller shutter belt from Schellenberg is also suitable for electric belt winders
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