A dirty or worn belt can be quickly and easy replaced with the Schellenberg Belt Fix. And no opening of the roller shutter box is necessary. A torn, work or dirty roller shutter belt not only looks unsightly but can also affect the functioning of the shutters and therefore the renewal of the belt is often necessary.

Clean, easy and quick repair of roller shutter belts


With the Belt Fix Repair Set from Schellenberg anyone can replace a broken shutter belt. That way no opening of the roller shutter box is necessary which prevents extra effort and dirt. To repair with a new belt, a stainless steel strip is riveted to the roller shutter belt above the defect site. After patching up the belt it can be used as normal again. If you want to replace your roller shutter belt, please be sure that the new belt is the same width that the old one was. The Schellenberg Belt Fix is suitable for the replacement or fixing of roller shutter belts with a width of 18 mm. The included belt is in the color beige and has a length of 14 feet; with it you can renew your roller shutter belt for your door or window. The Belt Fix can be found in various belt widths and colors in the Schellenberg assortment.



  • Quick and easy shutter belt replacement
  • Roller shutter box does not need to be opened
EAN Number 4003971843016
Width (mm) 18 mm
Height (m) 4.3 meter
Roller shutter system MAXI
Color Beige

Product in use


  • Repair or replace roller shutter belts
  • Replace dirty roller shutter belts
  • For the Roller Shutter System Maxi from Schellenberg with a belt width of 18mm
  • To replace beige roller shutter belts
  • For roller shutters on windows and doors

Helpful Hints for Installation


  • Wind the roller shutters all the way up.
  • Secure blinds with a wedge to prevent rolling.
  • Remove the belt winder and remove the roller shutter belt from the winder. Safety Note: The spring of the belt winder is loaded, so it might unwind uncontrollably fast. Risk of injury! Wear protective gloves when opening the belt winder!
  • Lay the included stainless steel strip approx. 10 cm under the belt drive.
  • Insert the metal strip into the slit and bend it so the holes are aligned.
  • Make holes on both sides of the roller shutter belt with the included mandrel.
  • Guide the rivet through the hole and put on the rivet head. With pliers press both parts together and flatten it with a hammer.
  • Stick the attached adhesive tape from the front over the steel strip and press firmly.
  • Secure the loose end of the roller shutter belt on the belt winder.
  • Mount the belt winder.
  • Release the roller shutters.
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