This Roller Shutter Curtain Complete Set from Schellenberg can be used to replace roller shutters for renovations or can be used for the installation of roller shutters in new buildings. The gray roller shutter curtain for the MAXI Roller Shutter System has a width of 80 cm and a height of 100 cm. It can be individually cut to be adjusted in width and adjusted with individual slats for the height. The height of each individual shutter slat is 37mm. This Complete Set from Schellenberg also includes an aluminum bottom rail, two matching roller shutter hangers and two stop plugs. A lock secures the roller shutter slats to prevent lateral movement.



  • Complete Set with all the necessary components for successful installation of the roller shutters
  • Width of the roller shutters can be cut to the necessary size
  • The height of the roller shutters can be adjusted with individual roller shutter slats
EAN Number 4003971200871
Width (cm) 80 cm
Height (cm) 100 cm
Roller shutter system MAXI
Color gray

Product in use


  • For renewing existing roller shutters
  • For installation of roller shutters in new buildings
  • For roller shutters that correspond with the Schellenberg MAXI System

Installation Advice

Cut the roller shutter curtain from Schellenberg to your necessary width. The Schellenberg roller shutter curtain is to be mounted with the roller shutter suspension on the octagonal shaft and the curtain is then inserted through the guiding rail. After the setting up of the roller shutter, please be sure to attach the stop plugs, so that the roller shutters do not roll completely into the roller shutter box while opening.

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