The individually available roller shutter slats of Schellenberg are suitable for the replacement of defective roller shutter curtains or can also be used to expand the Schellenberg roller shutters. The Schellenberg roller shutter slat MINI is made of sturdy, weather resistant plastic and is equipped with a locking device to prevent lateral displacement. Thus, the locking mechanism ensures smooth running of the roller shutter in the guide rail without the hassle of wedging the shutter. The height of the roller shutter slat MINI is 37 mm. The height of the slat is seen when the roller shutter is completely closed. Intact shutters in front of your windows, balcony and terrace doors increase the insulation value of your home and protects your living rooms and windows from the heat, cold, noise and other types of weather. In addition, roller shutters increase the protection against break-ins, as it provides an extra barrier.



  • Durable and weather resistant plastic
  • Sturdy yet lightweight design
  • For windows, balcony and terrace doors
  • Increased protection against the cold, heat and noise
  • Locking to prevent lateral displacement included
  • Roller shutters provide extra protection against break-ins
EAN Number 4003971287544
Width (mm) 37 mm
Height (m) 1.2 meter
Roller shutter system MINI
Color gray

Product in use



  • For windows, balcony and terrace doors
  • To replace individual roller shutter slats
  • Self-assembly
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