With the Roller Shutter Anti-Lifting Device from Schellenberg you secure your roller shutters from being able to be lifted from outside. The burglar security works for electric roller shutters as well as manual roller shutters that correspond with the MAXI roller shutters. The anti-lifting device is not visible from outside as it is installed inside on the slats on the window frame. The automatic roller shutter security is installed on the right and left corners of the window.



  • More comfort and safety through innovative products in the break-in prevention field
  • Not noticeable from outside
  • Is easily installed
EAN Number 4003971160021
Width (mm) 65 mm
Height (mm) 80 mm
Depth (mm) 14 mm
Color silver

Product in use



  • Roller shutter security makes opening the shutters from outside more difficult
  • For manually operated roller shutters
  • For electrically operated roller shutters
  • For roller shutters that correspond with the Schellenberg System MAXI (from slats up to 45 mm high)

Helpful Hints for Installation


  • Let the roller shutters close completely
  • Clamp the mounting template on
  • Mark the drill holes
  • Remove the template and drill the holes
  • Mount the roller shutter security
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