The Roller Shutter Mounting of stainless steel provides optimal contact between the roller shutter curtain and the octagonal shaft. Additionally, they add extra security as opening the roller shutters from outside becomes extremely difficult. The installation of the Schellenberg Roller Shutter Mounting is easy, as the mounting is easily stuck into the octagonal shaft and therefore does not require it to be screwed into the roller shutter shaft. This roller shutter mounting is especially ideal for roller shutters that are operated with a roller shutter motor. The Roller Shutter Mounting MINI from Schellenberg is designed for roller shutters with a slat height of 37 mm (System MINI). It reliably connects the roller shutters with the octagonal shaft and offers a strong hold. The roller shutter mounting piece is simply stuck on the top slat of the roller shutters and on the corresponding rectangular area on the octagonal shaft. The mounting piece does not need to be secured with screws! You will have a successful installation if the distance between the roller shutter mounting piece is approx. 50 cm.



  • Optimal connection between roller shutters and octagonal shaft
  • Harder to open the roller shutters from outside
  • Also suitable for motorized roller shutters
  • High quality mounting piece of stainless steel
  • Installation without screws
  • Practical three piece set
EAN Number 4003971192008
Item Number INT 19201
Width (mm) 99 mm
Height (mm) 152 mm
Depth (mm) 7 mm
Roller shutter system MINI
Color silver

Product in use


  • Roller shutter accessory for manually operated roller shutters
  • Roller shutter accessory for motorized roller shutters
  • Connection between roller shutter curtain and octagonal shaft
  • For roller shutter that correspond with the Schellenberg Roller Shutter System MINI

Helpful Hints for Installation

  • Push the roller shutter mounting piece onto the top most shutter slat
  • Stick the top of the roller shutter mounting piece in the corresponding rectangular area on the octagonal shaft


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