This robust screw-on belt winder MINI from Schellenberg in the color white can swivel 180˚. It can be opened and therefore simplifies the mounting of the roller shutter belt. The Schellenberg screw-on belt winder can be attached to the wall or door/window frame. The distance between holes to attachment is 15.5cm. This belt winder is delivered without a roller shutter belt. It is suitable for roller shutter belts with a length of 16 feet and a width of 14mm. If an existing roller shutter belt is used, the opening of the roller shutter box is not necessary.



  • Surface mounting
  • Can be opened for easy mounting of a roller shutter belt
  • Installation without opening the roller shutter box is possible
  • Robust screw-on belt winder
  • Can swivel 180˚
  • Color: brown
EAN Number 4003971501527
Item Number INT 50158
Width (mm) 25 mm
Height (mm) 165 mm
Depth (mm) 140 mm
Hole Spacing 155 mm
Preformance Aufputz
Roller shutter system MINI
Color brown
Installation Instructions-50152 1.47 MB / Adobe Acrobat File Download

Product in use



The easy to open screw-on belt winder from Schellenberg is the right choice, if the following conditions are met:

  • The roller shutter belt is maximum 16 feet long and has a belt width of 14 mm
  • The distance between holes to secure the screw-on belt winder is 15.5cm.
  • It works with the MINI-System from Schellenberg with an octagonal shaft diameter of 40 mm or with the height of the roller shutter slats being 37 mm.
  • The shutter belt comes out of the wall
  • Your window or door has a maximum height of 220cm

Helpful Hints for Installation


  • Close the roller shutters
  • Pull the roller shutter belt completely out of the housing and cut off at the bottom end
  • Remove the old belt winder casing
  • Mount the new belt winder on the wall or door/window frame
  • Before opening the belt winder and winding the shutter belt, please refer to the separate installation instructions (included). It gives clear directions as to how to wind the belt into the belt winder.
  • Afterwards, loosen the safety of the spring drum.
  • Close the belt winder.
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