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With this set for roller shutter box insulation you can prevent a thermal bridge in your roller shutter box. Through insulation for roller shutter boxes with this set from Schellenberg you reduce the heat loss by up to 70 percent therefore reducing your heating costs effectively.  The installation is easy because the Schellenberg insulation mat adapts perfectly to the profile of your roller shutter box and is therefore very easy to work with. This set is suitable for large roller shutter boxes; the insulation thickness is 25 mm.

Insulated Roller Shutter Box to Prevent Heat Loss and the Formation of Mold


Many buildings have uninsulated roller shutter boxes and this creates a weak point in thermal insulation. It is regarded as a thermal bridge, especially in older buildings. Through a roller shutter box without insulation, drafts and cold air enter the house and the heated indoor air escapes outside. Not only does this cause a reduction in living comfort, but it mainly leads to increased energy consumption. The Schellenberg Shutter Box Insulation meets the high standards of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) and is therefore ideally suited for the improvement of the energy consumption.  This two part set consists of an insulating mat, which lines the inside of the box, and an insulation wedge, which insulates the bottom of the roller shutter box. That way the roller shutter box no longer creates a thermal bridge. It is important that the Schellenberg insulation material is open to diffusion, so that the moisture can be deduced from both the inside and the outside. Thus condensation can escape from the roller shutter box and the formation of mold is prevented.

Noise Stays Outside


A pleasant result of an insulated roller shutter box is an improved noise protection: loud sounds and noise are significantly reduced because the insulation mat has a sound reducing of up to 6db. Also the rattling noise of the roller shutters in strong winds is almost completely eliminated with this insulation from Schellenberg.

Simple Retrofitting of the Roller Shutter Box Insulation


The Schellenberg Company finds great importance in do it yourself products. Through this, the Roller Shutter Box Insulation Set is quickly and easily installed. The practical tongue and groove system allows for a simple installation, as well as quick access to the insulation if repairs are needed.



  • Easy to use, can be shortened or extended as necessary
  • Easy installation with the tongue and groove system
  • Good insulation: reduces heat loss by 70% compared to non-insulated roller shutter boxes
  • Prevents the forming of mold
  • Decreases outdoor noise
EAN Number 4003971662501
Width (mm) 1000 mm
Height (mm) 500 mm
Depth (mm) 25 mm
Color Anthracite/Yellow

Product in use



  • Insulation in a roller shutter box for new buildings
  • Retrofitted insulation in roller shutter boxes in older buildings
  • For all roller shutter boxes without insulation up to 30 x 30 cm
  • To improve the values in the Energy Performance Certificate
  • Ideal for shutter boxes that open from the front and underneath
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