With the timer PLUS you can comfortably control your tubular motors from the Schellenberg product group STANDARD and PLUS. With the help of this timer your shutters can be automatically controlled or opened and closed with the touch of a button.

Maximum Comfort for your Tubular Motor Control


The timer PLUS offers a variety of program functions that fit to your personal needs-it even offers an automatic day and week program. With the day program you can choose the opening and closing time every day of your shutters that best fits your needs. That way your roller shutters will be automatically opened and closed daily. The shutters can still be controlled at any time with the buttons on the timer. With the week program you can choose a different opening and closing time for each day of the week. That way the opening and closing of your shutters is set at the perfect time for you ever day of the week. Even with the week program the shutters can be controlled at any time manually with the timer. In the manual mode the lock-out protection helps avoid accidental locks outs on the terrace or balcony. In long absences the vacation program is very beneficial, as it randomly opens and closes your shutters. They are in the range of -/+ 15 minutes of the programmed times. That way the Schellenberg timer PLUS increases protection against break-ins by making the house look lived in even while you are away on vacation.

SCHELLENBERG TIP:Enhance your Schellenberg Timer with the Schellenberg Sun Sensor PLUS (It. No. 25556) and use the convenient sun and twilight function of the timer PLUS. The sun sensor controls your shutters according to the position of the sun and twilight and therefore provides an optimal room temperature and prevents against the damage against your furniture, floor and textiles.

Timeless Design and Optimal Functions


With its timeless design the timer PLUS is optimal for every home. The timer from Schellenberg also has the practical possibility to be installed with most exchange frames according to DIN 49075. The especially large display on the Schellenberg Timer PLUS makes it easy to read and therefore easy to program. Even during a power outage the function of the roller shutter control is possible with the five hour power reserve. It also features an automatic changeover between daylight savings and standard time.



  • Comfortable automatic control of roller shutters with tubular motors
  • Easy to read display screen (programming and operation help)
  • Manual control (lock-out protection) or individual settings through four programs: 
  • Day program with the same opening and closing time for every day of the week
  • Week program with individually setting of the opening and closing time of every day of the week
  • Vacation program with the random function
  • Twilight and sun function by request
  • Automatic changeover between daylight savings and standard time
  • 5 hour power reserve
EAN Number 4003971255550
Item Number INT 25557
Width (mm) 80 mm
Height (mm) 80 mm
Depth (mm) 40 mm
Preformance Unterputz
Color white
Installation Instructions-25555 12.67 MB / Adobe Acrobat File Download

Product in use



  • Timer to automatically control your shutters from Schellenberg tubular motors STANDARD or PLUS
  • Compatible with most exchange frames with a 50 x 50 mm cutout according to DIN 49075
  • For flush mounting in the outlet socket
  • For surface mounting in a convenient cover
  • Can be enhanced with the sun sensor PLUS from Schellenberg (It. No. 25555)
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